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Window Cleaners Basildon

Window cleaning is one of the tasks that many people loathe. This is because of the lack of the appropriate window cleaning equipment. In fact, most people use locally available materials and improvised equipment which makes this simple task difficult. The secret to effective window cleaning is using the right equipment and cleaning solutions. In most cases, the choice of equipment is determined by the type of windows that you intend to clean.

While some of this equipment can be locally acquired, others are quite costly and are only used by professional window cleaners Basildon.

window cleaners BasildonSome of the common window cleaning equipment that you can purchase for cleaning the windows of your home includes the window scrubbers and squeegees. These should be an essential in any home that has low windows that do not require the services of professional window cleaners Basildon. The window scrubbers usually have microfiber sleeves that allow you to scrub off any dust or dirt that may be present. They also have a pivoted handle that allows easy usage. On the other hand, the squeegees come in different sizes so you will have to pick one that suits the size of your window.  These sizes include 18 inches, 12 inches and 8 inches. These too have pivoted handles.

Even then, these equipment is not recommended for professional window cleaners Basildon who are looking to clean the windows of high rise buildings.

This is because they are not only time consuming but also unsuitable for cleaning the windows of high rise buildings. As such, window cleaners Basildon use modernized equipment that is fast and efficient compared to the squeegee. These equipment include water fed poles that have since revolutionized the window cleaning trade. The use of water fed poles is preferred because of the fact that they are suitable for cleaning windows of high rise buildings with ease without the risk of falls by the cleaners. Moreover, these equipment is designed to systematically clean the window using specialized brushes before the dirt is washed off using purified water.

The other equipment required for high rise cleaning includes cherry pickers that comprise of a moving bucket and a hydraulic platform that is mounted on a trailer. This also comes with a Suspended Scaffolding that comes with a horizontal platform that allows the up and down movement on the building. The method that is common among professional window cleaners Basildon is also referred to as high rise cleaning. It usually targets those buildings that are as high as 50 meters. Other equipment used in professional window cleaning include anchors, ropes, climbing harness , carbiners, gloves, boots, helmets, knee pads and descender devices. These equipment are used by professionals who use the rappelling method to clean windows of high rise buildings. Although this method involves some risks, it is also adventurous as cleaners get to rappel up and down the buildings.

In conclusion, whether you are cleaning your windows at home or getting professional window cleaners Basildon to clean your windows or those of your commercial building, the type of equipment used determines the outcome of this exercise.

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