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Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services- C & L Crystal Cleaning Services

If you need regular cleaning services in  Basildon, Essex and London areas, we are the only company you need to contact. We provide high quality cleaning services for commercial properties in London. Being a professional agency, we serve both small and large commercial properties with equal commitments.

Our services:

Here are the cleaning services we provide our clients with:

Our workers:

We carefully select our staff for our cleaning services.

We run through all standard processes, and conduct additional checks before we hire staff for our company. We train our staff to be the most efficient professionals. Here are the steps we take before we employ them for cleaning your commercial properties:

  • We reference check workers for their history
  • We ensure that they have the necessary skills to clean commercial premises – large and small
  • We train our employees to be professionals in their job

Once we have carefully chosen employees, we have procedures in place to ensure that you get the best possible service for them:

  • We maintain a regular feedback mechanism from our customers
  • We have a fully automated time-keeping system to ensure timely services to our clients

We also take care of our employees, and ensure that they have the best and fair working conditions including working hours and rates.

As a result our policies, our cleaners are committed to high standards of work in cleaning. We ensure a 100% guarantee on satisfaction with our services. We have a near perfect rate of contract retention with our customers, because we deliver on what we promise.

Our work

We have been working with clients for many years now, and have the required experience to help you keep your commercial properties clean. Over the years, we have gained many more clients and have retained our contracts with them. This is because we offer some of the best services for floors and window cleaning  in Basildon, Essex and London areas.

We work hard to analyze your property and understand exactly what your needs are. We then suggest appropriate cleaning techniques depending, on the size of the property and other factors.


It is not just the quality of work we provide that has earned us a good name among our customers. We also provide the most competitive prices for our commercial cleaning services. You will find our quotations to be consistently more attractive than other cleaning services in London. However, reduced prices do not mean that we skimp on the quality of the services that we provide. Quality and customer satisfaction are always the highest of our priorities.

The best part of ours service is that they are available 24 hours during the day, and at all days of the week. This gives you the flexibility to choose the hours when you want our cleaners to be at your service. We are very flexible in our services, so that you get all the convenience.

Getting a quote from us does not require any obligation on your part. So please feel free to contact us in order to discuss our cleaning services.

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