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Best Window Cleaning Basildon Hands Down

Best Window Cleaning Basildon Service Hands Down

I run a number of small rental properties in Essex and London and it seems like I never have enough time to take care of all the upkeep that comes with owning multiple properties. I can keep up on the landscaping and repairs but it seemed very tough to keep the places clean and tidy all on my own.

I really needed a helping hand with some of the labor.

At the front of two buildings that I rent are massive glass panes. These are quite difficult to keep clean constantly and make the property look unattractive when they are not kept tidy. I decided it may be time to hire a window cleaner to maintain the look of my rental properties.

I gave a call to a few companies finally deciding on C & L Crystal Cleaning Services for my window cleaning Basildon.

They seemed to be about the most reasonable rate. Many of the other companies wanted to pay for a man to come and hand squeegee the entire front face of my properties. This would have been a method that is expensive because of the time needed and the labor costs to pay for the time.

window cleaning basildonC&L Crystal Cleaning Services had a method for cleaning the rental property windows for window cleaning Basildon which would take less time and be a little more reasonable on labor costs. They use what is called water fed pole window cleaning, which essentially means they could wash the whole window in a matter of minutes for a streak free shine.

On the day they showed up it literally took less than 10 minutes to clean the windows at my property. When I was window cleaning Basildon I would have to get the ladder, and make sure the front door of the property was not used so that I could get the window clean and dried. With the water fed pole system the cleaners used a lightweight telescoping pole to get the hard to reach second floor and were done in minutes.

It was as simple as them scrubbing across the window with the pole, there was no imposition on my part and no need to close off the front door or get in the way of any of my renters day.

I was sold after just one use. The thought of never having to climb the ladder weekly to clean my windows as well as having a clean appearance on each one of my properties was important. Window cleaning Basildon best.

For a very reasonable price C&L Crystal Cleaning Services and I have maintained an excellent working relation and they continue to maintain the windows at my properties to this day. I would recommend their service to anyone who needs fast, effective and outstanding window cleaning Basildon and services in the London or Essex area. Have clean windows without any of the mess of having window cleaners impede your business with extensive labour and heavy rigs.

Their system is proven effective, and their prices cannot be beat for window cleaning Basildon.

-Louis Collins


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